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A free research and reference tool that is ideal for academics

Qiqqa is used by businesses, academics and researchers as a research manager. It is perfect for annotating your PDFs, for reviewing your work, and for creating bibliographies almost instantly. Instead of littering your research across your desktop, you can manage it all in one place with this tool.

Four functions that will help you become a better researcher

Qiqqa is able to keep your PDF research secure and in one place. It helps you identify, tag and categorize them so that you do not have to go searching through and re-reading your research to find the piece you require. Secondly, it allows you to search through your research by using keywords, citations and authors. Thirdly, it can present all the pieces you need to add into your bibliography on a single page, from which you may create a pre-formatted and styled bibliography with the click of a button. Fourthly, the files you add and research are categorized in a way that shows you what you can and what you should research next. It is almost as if the tool is suggesting what you should research next based on your categories and what others you have researched.

It is a great research tool for academics

If you take a look at the other research tools on the Internet, Qiqqa beats them all out of sight. Instead of students and researchers having to figure out their own filing and database systems for their research, this tool will do it for them. Students and researchers are then able to find, store and categorize their research efficiently in a way that will save them a great deal of time. The automatic bibliography maker is also a major saver.


  • It files and categorizes your research with more than just titles
  • The tool suggests other research material


  • It takes a while to learn how to use the tool effectively
  • You may have to turn to the forum to help you understand how it works


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